Our Story

Remember when shopping used to be fun? You know, before you walked into the store and everything was labeled "skinny" or "curvy" or "plus" or "petite"? Yeah, so do we. Now shopping at a store creates anxiety for so many women and girls because we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we need to look, act, or be a certain way or size not to mention that you can be a size 4 in one store and a 16 in another.

The reality is that your distinctive sense of style, your stunning figure, and your unique personality should not dictate what type of clothes should be available to you. But that is exactly what major retailers bombard us with over and over again and they are starting at younger and younger ages.

I am like most women who have families. We often take care of others before we take care of ourselves. We love much and sacrifice often; and often at the expense of ourselves. I decided that in order for me to be my best self I had to feel my best which included my attire and items in my home but the problem was I couldn't find something I really loved when shopping and dreaded having to go to a million stores just to find one cute blouse or jeans that fit and so Walker and Main was born.

Here at Walker and Main we strive to help each person feel and look their best by offering products that promote positive body image and self worth both modestly and comfortably. We know that modesty does not have to come at the expense of trendy or cute options or fashion at the expense of our personal style.

We offer products that are durable (read: will last through kids tugging at you or running those errand marathons) but with luxurious feel and put that bounce back in your step. You'll find yourself smiling more and enjoying our shopping experience again and again.

Here you'll find the best of both worlds; clothing to showcase you and service that compliments your personal needs. We want you to feel comfortable at home or when you're out no matter what you're doing.

However, we do carry a selection of other items to take care of your troops because let's face it, we're going to anyway. ;)

Welcome to our family!